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Magick Yourself Thin!
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Thursday, May 18th, 2006
11:12 am
Turnaround Spell
Bad luck got you in a bind? Falling all over yourself wishing you were in a better place in life? In a bad position that for once wasn't caused by your needlessly caustic personality? A simple spell can change that!

This spell, once cast, will differentiate your bad luck into good luck before returning it to you! Simply do the following!

1. Write "BAD LUCK" on a piece of paper.
2. "Channel" all of your bad luck into the paper.
3. Chant: "Discrepancies abound, turn my luck around!"
4. Turn 180 degrees to the right while holding the paper. Do this five times.
5. Eat the paper. (Hey! No-one said this was an easy spell!)

Once absorbed, you should begin to see the effects of your newfound good luck! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 16th, 2006
2:04 pm
Complete Idiot's Guide to Summoning
Complete Idiot's Guide to Summoning - Part ITM

So you want to summon a demon...
Summoning's a practice that's almost as ancient as humanity itself. From the early days on, men would practice animal calls in the hopes that the animal in question would appear so that the hunter could kill it and eat it. This art form was later refined when man discovered GodTM, and learned that he could, in fact, bind angels and demons to his call!

Dr. John Dee, a famous occult researcher, and his assistant, an alchemist by the name of Edward Kelley, summoning a spirit before promptly being killed and eaten.

Summoning was long thought to be a speciality of the ceremonial court magicians of old Europe, who were ardent practitioners of Christianity. However, what people never realised is that any less-than-intelligible individual with a knack for drawing neat-looking circles was capable of summoning an infernal hellspawn to perform their bidding. Even practitioners of Magick could call these spirits and bind them to their will.

So how does one begin such a process?

Well, first you must determine what it is you want the demon to do. In this case, there's a whole catalogue of them in The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite. However, for the sake of simplistics, we'll cut the number to a select few entities as listed below, for more of a "general purpose" summoning.

Second, you must determine the method of summoning. Most summoners recommend a complicated ritual involving complex circles, elaborate incantations, and even more complex purification processes. However, what we want is results, so the best method for this process would be complete invocation. What's an invocation, you ask? Well, it's one of two methods. Evocation is forcing the demon to appear. This makes the demon hard to control. Invocation produces the quickest result, by allowing the demon to manifest in the personality of the caster.

So how do we invoke?

Draw a big circle in the ground around you, preferably with a purified wand or athame. Be sure to put crosses in the circle too. You could also put some strange, mystical writing for extra effect. In fact, if you write it in Angelic, you might even be able to control the demon better.

Once the circle is created, clear your mind and concentrate. Speak aloud the following invocation.

"Demons dance beneath the shroud
I call to you in words aloud
Appear in mind my willing slave
Lest I send you to the grave!"

Then call the name of the entity you wish to invoke three times. The demon will respond and appear, and then it's yours to control. If the demon doesn't co-operate, you can always banish him by speaking the following incantation aloud.


Upon hearing that, the demon will promptly leave.

I hope that's enough for you. Next week I'll be talking about evocation, and learning how to summon spirits to do your housechores. All the best to you in your workings!


Let's face it: there's nothing quite as cool as being able to summon one of the big kings of Hell himself. And let's face it: Lucifer is too much of a prig to be summoned by anyone. So what's an aspiring hell-knight to do? Summon Belial, of course! With this little friend in your back pocket (almost quite literally), you'll have access to a bizarre range of powers that include smelling like fire and brimstone, and making life hell to others through lies and false promises!

Sytry is said to have the power to induce lust and make women appear naked. How is that not the power you've wanted all this time?

Thoth was an Egyptian wizard who deified himself as the God of Magic (not Magick). By invoking him you'll gain a presence of someone with an air of importance about them! You can really make people take notice!

Seriously, this is one of the best invocations you could perform. Why? Well, because you'll really have a sympathetic understanding with this spirit, which shows the two of you will work in tandem really well. Not only that, but you're getting an advanced taste of what it'll be like when you're a certified God of MagickTM, and other people will want to invoke you!
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
9:42 pm
Vengeance Spell
Now vengeance is a potent power but with proper usage and control one can make use of the energies involved and pay appropriate retribution to those involved who've done ill will towards you or someone very close.

-Acquire a picture of the target person. If that is unavailable then a document with their writing on it is fine. if that's not possible then at least a piece of paper with their name on it written by you while intently thinking about them as you write it will be fine.
-get 4 black candles and a piece of pure white chalk.
-Create a circle with pure white chalk on a wooden floor with a radius of the span from your center to the length of your arm. it doesn't have to be completely perfect but the moreso, the better.
-Light up the 4 black candles and place them in all 4 cardinal directions on the circumference of the circle.
-Take the photo or writing of the target and place it in front of you in the northern direction of the circle and position yourself in that direction as well.
-Reduce any unnecessary noise and distraction so as to reach a calm meditative state. If listening to particular music or have noises or whatever in the background is what works for you then that's fine. Whatever it takes for you to be at relative peace.
-Begin to focus your energies at the picture and the candle and recite (in your mind or out loud) the following:

"Roses are red"
"Violets are blue"
*put out candle flame*
"all your base"
"belong to me too."

Repeat this 3 more times, putting out each flame in a counter clockwise rotation at each cardinal point with the picture in hand. Once you are back in the starting northern position, tear up the picture/document into fours. Do this twice in one week with no more than 2 days appart and you should notice results within 1 to 1.5 weeks. Divulge the activities you do to anyone, especially those being protected or the target and...well, what goes around comes around.
9:10 pm
A little Holy Guardian Angel to make your day complete
Everyone knows that one of the true magick-crafter's most renowned abilities is that of DivinationTM. A simple invocation can make a magick-crafter into a diviner, by calling on the power of the Holy Guardian AngelTM (the spirit above your head) to guide the tarot cards used by the diviner into a pattern that will reveal True KnowledgeTM.

Here's how the Divination SpellTM works.

- The diviner takes a deck of tarot cards, clears their mind, and shuffles thoroughly.

- The diviner then lays the deck aside, and atones the following invocation:

"Yo, Holy Guardian AngelTM, you's wanna lend me somma that wacked-out power? All ya gotta do is lay one o' yo hands down on this here deck of consecrated cards, and show me the way to True KnowledgeTM, capice?"

- The diviner then shuffles the deck and cuts seven times.

- The diviner then lays the cards out in a spread of their choice.

- Consult the Guide to the TarotTM (will be posted here later) for the answers to True KnowledgeTM that you surely seek.
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